November 28, 2010

(Art by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott)

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  1. I’m saving that Vast Turd one for Christmas dinner!

  2. So you’re the dirty bastard who used to scribble all those foul mouthed slanderous word balloons, (plus sundry cocks, tits, arses and fannies), all over the pictures in other people’s brand new text books at school!

    …I always wondered who the other person was!

    Mine were apparently so funny people used to queue up to have me fill their pages with my vulgar take on things; and once, just as I was handing back a newly ‘humourised’ history book, the deputy headmaster pounced, seized the book at the two pages causing all the snickering, turned the most intense shade of purple I’ve ever seen, and promptly sent the other guy off to get the cane!

    Phew! That was a close call, man…a few seconds earlier and he’d’ve caught me in the act!

    I repaid the other guy’s silence by retiring on the spot whilst promising him I’d go on to become a famous artist, making those last early ‘masterpieces’ of mine worth a king’s ransom!

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